Did I mention KSP? Yes, I think I have. well then, I think I will have to turn your eyes over to my knack of making things incredibly complex. I have come up with a large number of plans that work very well... except when compared to methods more efficient and more useful in almost every way. Darn. Well, I can still show them to you, right?...

the CarLaunch System: driving so fast you make orbit

The Idea of this system is simple, really: on the frozen, Icy moon Minmus, there are flat sections tens of kilometres long in some places. Minmus' orbital velocity is 170 m/s at those flats, which is not very fast at all. therefore, if one could somehow go that fast on the surface, they would not need a particularly powerful engine, or even engines at all.

In practice, it does not work. The wheels will skitter and destroy your ship just before orbital speed is acheived, and how would you keep the car on the ground the whole time? but I gave it a go, and even made some (Admittedly terrible) concept plans on the subject, including a particularly hare-brained scheme to create a fuel chain to orbit using a reusable accelerator car and a gigantic fuel tank.

However, it was very useful in creating my magnum opus of a science ship, the Asimov II. It was so big, I could not think of a way to get it off the planet, so, using the Extra Planetary Launchpads mod , I built it on Minmus and used an SRB and a metric ass-tonne of wheels to get it off the ground and off on its mission.

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