Welcome to... something I guess...

Here is a work in progress. My H.T.M.L skills are not all that good. However, I assume that in the next few decades (assuming this shit stays up long enough) I will have a nice website.

The name I chose is a pseudonym. No, I will not give you my actual name.

Well, Here are some accomplishments of mine

Kerbal Space program

being a big fan of Kerbal Space Program (KSP), I of course obsess over it. It seems obvious, therefore, that when you stick a man with poor self control into a math class with a computer and a TI-84+ calculator off and on for 3 years, something is going to come out of that. In this case, an ORBITAL ELEMENTS CALCULATOR. It can calculate your eccentricity, your Semi-major and -minor axes, and even the apsides of the orbit.

You will have to remove the .txt on the end (on linux it's a cinch!), but here it is.

To get it on a calculator, simply remove the .txt at the end, and transfer it from your machine to a Ti-84+ calculator or emulator. It seems rather convoluted, but a large portion of the things on here will need the same process, so do not worry.

UPDATE 2018/02/02/22/09/15: I have finally gotten around to releasing the Ti-92 version of the program. This one, along with the capabilities of the 84+ version, can also calculate your mean anomaly and give a graphical representation of any orbit it calculates. The method for installation is the same - remove the txt on the end, and transfer it onto your Motorola 68000-based Texas Instruments calculator.

Finally, it arrives.

If you wish to know my methods, I have a WIP Description of the equations I used in this right here.

Here's some other Kerbal Escapades of mine.

From The Depths

I started (but never finished) writing a story about my career with a ship called the K.S.S.Nicholas Cage. It will be Here.


Oh hey! I'm also attempting to write this Guide to an ancient low powered desktop! Come check it out!